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He was just 22 years old and a rising running back star.

On October 5, 2018, the Clemson football family mourned the unexpected and unforeseen death of one of their notorious runner backs C.J Fuller.

Numerous media outlets revealed earlier in the day that Fuller had passed away abruptly Wednesday evening under what right now are complicated conditions. Wednesday night, Clemson affirmed in a public statement that the previous Tigers running back had died.

“Our thoughts, prayers and most profound sympathies are with C. J’s. family,” head mentor Dabo Swinney said in an announcement. “I’ve known C.J. quite a while and watched him grow up through the Easley rec leagues completely through Easley High School. I’m pleased with what he accomplished as a Clemson Tiger, above all, his achievement of being a Clemson graduate. Our most profound sympathies and the contemplations of our program are with his family tonight. May he rest in peace.”

Fuller, after the 2017 season, left the group as a graduate exchange. During March, Fuller, who was expected to finish out with his university playing profession at another program, ran into an altercation. He was one of three individuals indicted in association with a supposed burglary in downtown Clemson.

Fuller, started last season, as the starter. He was fifth on the Tigers. The rising star was also extradentary with three touchdowns and a career-high of 217 yards. With 599 yards, he finished the Tigers portion of his playing career. Fuller, also had four touchdowns on 147 carries. The athlete would close out the season with 18 receptions for 155 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Fuller, famous for one of his touchdown catches came in the College Football Playoff semifinal to help the team take home the victory over Ohio State back in 2016.  It was that season, that the Tigers had a winning streak, and grabbed the national championship that term. It was in these championships that his 20-yard kickoff return to the 32-yard line set up Clemson’s phenomenal nine-play. Alabama was no match against this 68-yard game-winning drive, thus causing them to lose and allow Clemson to win their second national title.

As stated by NBC Sports, Fuller has departed abruptly under mysterious circumstances. However, Thursday, C.J. Fuller’s aunt Zola Fuller Beeks, said he was doing physical therapy for a knee injury. Sometime into the treatment, he started to experience chest pains in the moments before his passing on Wednesday.

Beeks explained her siblings at the hospital told her that her nephew had been having some chest pains. They got worse fast over time.  “He was conscious at one point, but when he got to the hospital, his speech was slurred. Before we knew it, he was gone.

The family believes that it had something to do with a blood clot. They are in complete shock at his death at the moment.  “You just don’t expect someone his age to be gone so fast.”

An investigation into Fuller’s death has already started.  However, it could take six to eight weeks before any answers.

Jomo Merritt


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