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The Jason VanDyke murder trial continued on Tuesday as the Defense called more witnesses in their quest to clear Van Dyke of first degree muder.

One of the key witnesses were Laquan McDonald’s post-trial supervisor and a specialist who put together a digitally animated reenactment of the defense’s adaptation of the homicide.

For the shooting demise of 17- year old Laquan McDonald, Van Dyke is indicted for first-degree murder.  The teen was captured on tape armed with a small knife. The footage also shows Van Dyke firing 16 shots as McDonald seemed, by all accounts, to be leaving the scene.

Van Dyke’s defense lawyers are attempting to demonstrate to the jury that Dyke was in fear of his life and was acting in self-defense.

Monday, they called a specialist who scrutinized the autopsy examination report as being inadequate. They likewise called two of Cook County Sheriff’s delegates who alleged McDonald tried to attack them. The defense depicted McDonald as a wild, vicious adolescent with a disturbed past.

Dana Randazzo, his probation officer, on Tuesday, talked about an incident that took place back in August of 2014. This occurrence happened only a few months before his killing when he got into an altercation during a court trial.

In a testimony, Randazzo alleged that McDonald became very upset and argumentative with the sheriffs.  The Defense lawyer brought up the following statement: “When you say combative, was he physically aggressive toward the sheriffs?” Then, Randazzo, replied, “Yes.”  Next, the defense attorney asked a question of rather or not these sheriffs were wearing their uniforms.

Randazzo made it very clear that they were wearing their uniforms. In the meantime, the defense intends to consider witnesses all week and may rest by Tuesday of one week from now, so the jury could get the case potentially the end of next week, as the course of events for this preliminary has changed from every day to day.

.Public protestors have been extremely vocal about the call for peace, and civic coordinator, William Calloway, on Tuesday approached the majority of the street gangs in the city for a citywide peace truce.

He wants to ask all the gangs all over the city of Chicago, to put get rid of their guns.

Court dismissed for the day at 1:30 PM. Witnesses testimonies will proceed on Wednesday morning.

McDonald would have been turning 21 years old on Tuesday.


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