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A grand jury has indicted a former a Georgia corrections officer accused of bringing drugs, alcohol, cell phones and a glass smoking pipe into Hayes State Prison in North Georgia.  According to a news release issued by the Office of U.S. Attorney B.J. Pak, 33 year old Mark Edward Jeffery tried to smuggle contraband into Hays back in February of this year (2018).

Reportedly, another corrections officer discovered a mysterious, rectangular shaped object, hidden inside Jeffery’s beverage container.  The object was wrapped in black electrical tape.  After the other officer alerted a supervisor, a search of Jeffery’s belongings was conducted – reportedly turning up a glass pipe, four smart phones, 190 ecstasy pills and a plastic baggie containing methamphetamine; the supervisor also allegedly found a water bottle filled with some type of alcohol.

Jeffery was indicted by a grand jury last Tuesday. October 2nd and arraigned before a judge in the Northern District of Georgia last Friday, October 5th.


Brian Randolph


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