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Markel Ervin, 17, appeared in Columbus Recorder’s Court September 27th . He is charged with murder for Destinee Virgin’s fatal shooting.

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, 17-year-old Markel Ervin was arrested by Police in Georgia for the murder of 18-year-old Destinee Virgin. Ervin was out on bond and awaiting trial for allegedly kidnapping her in April.

In front of horrified witnesses, Destinee Virgin on September 22, ran desperately from car to car grabbing on to door handles and screaming in horror as she was being chased by her boyfriend, Markel Ervin. The incident took place at night on Macon Road in the Midtown area of Columbus, Ga.

Hours later, she would be pronounced dead at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus hospital.

However Destinee Virgin’s horror did not start there, but many months before.

The Darkside of Markel Ervin

It appears that Ervin had an abusive and possessive side that many were aware of just months before Destinee’s death. Two of those people were here mother Michelle Virgin and Felisha Virgin, the grandmother of Destinee Virgin. “We’re still grief-stricken and we’re still asking for a little privacy, but then again, we wanted the community to recognize that we appreciate you,” declares Felisha.

The family mentioned the two had been in a relationship but broke up. Apparently, Ervin could not handle a permanent separation, so he kidnapped her back in April.

It appears that the public court records depict Markel Ervin as a hazard to society.

Documentations show that Ervin has been charged about twelve times as an adult for different violations in the previous year including criminal trespassing, He was also arrested for obstruction of a law enforcement officer for which he pled guilty to that offense and was given probation.

In May, Ervin showed up on WLTZ’s radar after criminologists affirmed he kidnapped Destinee, physically assaulted her and held her hostage roving from home to home until the point that she escaped.

Days after the fact, reports indicate Ervin was discharged May 30th on $50,00 bond for kidnapping and false imprisonment. Ervin was ordered to have no contact with Destinee or her family.

Ervin rather shot her multiple times while abandoning her on the side of the street to die according to investigators.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Family and friends mentioned that Destinee is Michelle Virgin’s only child. It was Destinee’s desire to be a medical assistant. She only had around three weeks of classes left at the First Step Health Agency. After that, she made plans to go to the military. However, the family regrets that none of this will ever happen. They believe that she got herself entangled with the wrong guy, and before she found out how wrong he was, she was killed.

The family’s pastor made the point that this tragedy should have never occurred.

“It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel good at all to see how everything played out. I have a problem with how the system has handled this wrong.

Jomo Merritt


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