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It has been over six months, and the deaths of two young black men, Alize Ramon Smith, and Jarron Keonte Moreland have gone unpublicized. According to the Oklahoma Eagle Today, in April 2018, four white people lynched both men in Moore, Oklahoma.

Some residents wonder, the fact that it was largely ignored by the media, possibly made it worse than the crime itself.

Lynching is defined as the slaughtering of an individual or people. This is typically done by a gathering of at least three or more individuals. In the case of Alize and Jarron, it was four.  Usually, this senseless act is inspired by resentment, scorn, or outrage.

About 80 years ago, right here in the United States, Police often ignored it or could not counteract it. Therefore, thousands of black men, women, and children perished at the end of a rope or a merciless killing.

As stated by the police, the victims were shot by two white brothers. The murders were carried out after the siblings arranged to meet with both Smith and Moreland. The get together took place at a parking lot. Earlier, the brothers placed an ad on Craigslist regarding selling firearms.

The blamed executioners, 16-year-old Brett Boettler and his brother, Kevin Don Garcia-Boettler, 22, made sure they never got out of that parking lot alive. They later took the bodies to their mom’s home and, with the assistance of her boyfriend, Johnny Barker, dismantled them and dumped the corpses in an adjacent waterway.

The siblings, Barker, and Crystal Boettler, were captured and accused of first-and second-degree murder, destroying of human corpses, and illicit ownership of a gun, among different violations.

Many believe, Smith and Moreland were the victims of a “modern-day lynching” that the mainstream media unreported.  The question is and has always been, was these killings racially motivated?  Karlos Hill, Interim Director of African American Studies at the University of Oklahoma says it should be prosecuted as a hate crime.

This story was not covered by Fox News, MSNBC, or even CNN. The insinuation that these murders should have been broadcasted all over the world, to some, appears to be a racially-motivated lynching as opposed to simple homicide.

Others disregard it as a lynching. This is because, in spite of the way that these Oklahoma unfortunate casualties were horrific and all four of the condemned culprits were white, people still believe it’s a stretch to portray it as some form of public execution.

Currently, based on the information shared by the law enforcement agency thus far, this crime has not been recognized as a lynching.

Jomo Merritt


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