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Some people believe Brett Kavanaugh is the All-American guy who graduated from Yale. He is praised for his brilliance, astuteness, and influence as a United States Circuit Judge of Appeals. Others believe he is a loving dad, devoted husband, and loyal friend.  Many individuals have a long relationship with Kavanaugh and are extremely fond of him. They even admire his line of work on the D.C. Circuit. However, to others,  he is a man with two puzzling sides.

One of those sides according to Christine Blasey Ford, is that of a sexual predator. On July 9, 2018, President Donald Trump selected Kavanaugh to take the place of retiring Associate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Throughout the confirmation procedure, Christine Blasey Ford alleged that Kavanaugh sexually attacked her in the early 1980s.

It appears that Brett was not always the cool, calm collected person that he tried to display during the hearing. At Yale, as an undergraduate student, Brett M. Kavanaugh was implicated in an argument at a local bar. Reports allege that he was accused of throwing ice on another client, as stated by a police report.

The episode took place in September 1985 in New Haven, CT, amid Mr. Kavanaugh’s junior year. The altercation occurred when Brett and four other men were addressed by the New Haven Law Enforcement Agency. Mr. Kavanaugh was not detained, but rather the police report expressed that a 21-year-old man blamed Mr. Kavanaugh for tossing ice on him “for some obscure reason.”

An observer to the conflict said that Chris Dudley, a Yale ballplayer who is acquaintances with Mr. Kavanaugh, tossed a glass that hit the man in the ear, as per the police report, which was acquired by The New York Times.

The story alleged that the victim in question, Dom Cozzolino, “had blood seeping from the right ear” and was dealt with at a doctor’s facility. A criminologist was informed of the episode at 1:20 a.m.

Some who have been following the hearing would mention that this incident explained Brett’s aggressive and insolent side after being interrogated by the panel of senators.

Two other women, over the next few days, accused Kavanaugh of sexual misbehavior. Kavanaugh “firmly and explicitly” denied that the event Ford defined happened and strongly denied all claims.  Some are saying that denial is Mr. Kavenough strong suit. For example, in 1985, for his part, talking to the officers, Brett did not want “to say if he threw the ice or not,” the police report stated.

However, numerous Yale classmates, along with a former roommate, have labeled Judge Kavanaugh as sometimes hostile while intoxicated.

With that said, it remains to be seen for some, rather or not he has a Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex.  Could his Dr. Jekyll side be masking his sanity? And, if there is a Mr. Hyde side,  is this who he really is, inside? Many people argue that this is going out on a limb, making these accusations about his personality, especially since the FBI investigation is still up in the air?  However, others go so far even to think that this Jekyll and Hyde complex, is why over time people believe they see some inconsistencies.

Jomo Merritt


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