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Estonia may not be the biggest country in the world, but it’s significant enough to have a U.S. ambassador to it.

Well, it did have one.

James D. Melville recently announced his intention to retire from his position as U.S. ambassador to Estonia, effective July 29. He has served as a diplomat for 33 years.

Melville has not been silent about his ideological differences with the current administration. In an October 2017 post on Facebook, Melville wrote:

“I’m heartsick at the number of times I’ve had to lower our flag to half mast because of some maniac or evildoer with a gun. I get asked all the time about why these things happen in America and I’m just done with citing Second Amendment rights to explain why there are so many guns at home. If these shooters were exercising their so-called rights when they acquired their weapons, then it’s a “right” that doesn’t square with my values in the 21st Century and that needs to change. Of course, our whole Criminal Code can be read as an effort to control and minimize evildoing (it’s just fatuous nonsense to hear a politician or gun lobbyist claim “you can’t regulate evil” — we’ve been trying since the Code of Hammurabi). After the Dunblane and Port Arthur massacres in Scotland and Tasmania, the UK and Australia showed the right way to react to these awful events. That’s my yardstick and other than Sen. Chris Murphy, I’m hard-pressed to think of many political leaders in Congress who are serious about making it the priority it should be, to help cure America of this horrible sickness.”

Lamar Green


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