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According to a report from TheVerge, Valve has announced it’s shipping a new version of its Steam VR “Knuckles” controllers to developers.

The controllers remain a work in progress, but this new version is an important update to the design of the technology. Valve has released some details about their development, and the controllers look a lot more polished and are getting closer to being released to the public.

The “Knuckles” controllers debuted in 2016 and were innovative in giving the user a full range of the hand and range of motion that most VR controllers don’t have. The simple explanation is you have the ability to open and close your hand as necessary without dropping the controller or having it hang down on your wrist like Wii controllers do.

Most impressively, capacitive sensors detect which fingers are touching the controller, so it gives you the ability to actually pick up objects instead of closing your fist or hitting a button. There are a few buttons, but the controller has a pair of face buttons, an analog stick, and a “track button” in the center.

Whenever Valve is comfortable releasing the controllers, it’s expected to make a major splash in the virtual reality gaming world. The industry should change the way VR games are made and played, which will have a dramatic shift in gaming. The only thing for gamers to do now is wait for Value’s new tech to drop.

Lamar Green


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